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Bride of
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How is your life today? Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Dracula Phantom of the
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London after Midnight
Nosferatu What I do for a living:

1.  Have fun.

What I do for fun:

1. Watch others having fun.
2. Dance freely through life.
3. Drive really, really fast.

Personal Message...   Frankenstein
		and the Girl The Bite

Some of my suggestions for me :
1. Take life seriously.
2. Have fun while taking life seriously.
3. Be serious.
4. Don't be serious.
5. Don't take yourself seriously.
6. EnJoy your gift of You.
    - You only go around once in the flesh as You.
    - You might be an aardvark in your next life.
    - You might be an E. Coli festering in the gut
       of a constipated aardvark in your next life.
    - You will be with God.  You already are.

Poem:   Freedom

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