Blood Brothers

We played king of the mountain out on the end
The world come charginí up the hill, and we were women and men
Now thereís so much that time, time and memory fade away
We got our own roads to ride and chances we gotta take
We stood side by side each one fightiní for the other
We said until we died weíd always be blood brothers

Now the hardness of this world slowly grinds your dreams away
Makiní a foolís joke out of the promises we make
And what once seemed black and white turns to so many shades of gray
We lose ourselves in work to do and bills to pay
And itís a ride, ride, ride, and there ainít much cover
With no one runniní by your side my blood brother

On through the houses of the dead past those fallen in their tracks
Always moviní ahead and never lookiní back
Now I donít know how I feel, I donít know how I feel tonight
If Iíve fallen íneath the wheel, if Iíve lost or Iíve gained sight
I donít even know why, I donít know why I made this call
Or if any of this matters anymore after all

But the stars are burniní bright like some mistery uncovered
Iíll keep moviní through the dark with you in my heart
My blood brother