Put on your muddy boots
Baby, down on Main Street
Where the assassin shoots
Ya, in a rock and roll beat
Where Gypsy dancers dance
And roll the night away
Where cowboy figures ride
Ya, just to fade away

They say they're listening
But they aint even trying
They're the blood that's glistening
Glistening down on the vine
Beneath the Floodline
Beneath the Floodline

Little girl you're oh so cruel
I know a Gypsy says it's true
I got more money than your daddy's got
And I just want to make love to you
We need a night, baby
Out past the dead end signs
Down past the little creek
Out where the river winds
Beneath the Floodline
Beneath the Floodline

Thanks to Joe Schwind for the lyrics!
An uncirculated country flavored song from the early '80s