The machinist climbs his ferris wheel like a brave
And the fire eater's lyin' in a pool of sweat victim of the heatwave
Behind the tent the leatherboy tightens his legs
On the sword swallower's blade
Circus town's on the shortwave

Well now (and) the runway lies ahead like a great false dawn
Oh fat lady, Missy Bimbo, sits in her chair and yawns
And the man-beast lies in his cage sniffin' popcorn
The midget licks his fingers and suffers Missy Bimbo's scorn
The circus town's been born

Oh and a (the) press-roll drummer go, ballerina to-and-fro
Cart-wheelin' up on (across) the tightrope
(And) with a cannon blast, lightning flash, moving fast through
The tent Mars bent, he's gonna miss his fall
Oh God save the human cannonball

And the flying Zambini's watch Marguerita do her neck twist
(And) the ringmaster gets the crowd to count along
Ninety-five, ninety-six,....ninety-seven
And behind the tent half bent money spent
With his wet face fallin' (make-up drippin') on the ground
With a half-smile half-frown goin' down
Oh Jesus sent some sweet women to save all the clowns

And circus boy dances like a monkey on barbed wire
And the barker romances with a junkie, she's got a flat tyre
And the elephants dance real funky, and the band plays like a jungle fire
Circus town's on the live wire

Samson lifts the midget up above the liars
Hear the liars, they're outside crying
Hear the liars, they're inside sighing
Hear the liars, listenin' to the barker
Hear the liars, watching the centre ring
Oh hear the liars, up on the trapeze
Oh hear the liars, feel their fire
Oh hear the liars, feel their fire
Oh hear the liars, they're all scared of dying
Well anybody wants to try the big top
All aboard, Nebraska's our next stop