Every year when summer comes around
They stretch a banner 'cross the main street in town
You can feel somethin' happenin' in the air
Well, from Carol's house up on Telegraph Hill
You can see the lights goin' up out in the soldiers' field
Gettin' ready for the county fair

County fair, county fair
Everybody in town will be there
So come on, hey, we're goin' down there
Well, little girl with the long blond hair
Come win your daddy one of them stuffed bears
Baby, down at the county fair

Now you'll be hangin' tight when we hit the top
And that roller coaster's ready to drop
You'll be braggin' that you wasn't even scared
Well, baby, you know I just love the sound
Of the pipe organ on the merry-go-round
Baby, down at the county fair

County fair, county fair, etc.

Now at the north end of the field, well, they set up a stand
And they got a little rock & roll band
And people dancin', yeah, out in the open air
Well, it's James Young & The Immortal Ones
Just two guitars, baby, bass and drums
Rockin' out at the county fair

County fair, county fair, etc.

Now it's gettin' late but 'fore we head back to town
We let the fortune wheel spin 'round
Oh mister, tell me what's waitin' out there
On my way out I steal a kiss in the dark
I hope I can remember where our car's parked
Baby, at the county fair

Now off down the highway there's a last stream of cars
As we sit awhile in my front yard
With the radio playin' somethin' low
I pull Carol close to my heart
And I lean back and stare up at the stars
Oh I wish I never had to let this moment go

Thanks Grace for the lyrics