NEW YORK SONG (New York City Serenade)

Oh Blackie's down by the railroad tracks
(Shotgun Black, he's down by the railroad tracks)
He sinks (he's sittin') low in the back seat of his Cadillac
And Diamond Jackie, she's so intact
She falls like an angel beneath him
(She freezes like ice beneath Shotgun's attck)
Now Jackie's heels are stacked
(Oh Diamond's shoes are shellac)
She got cleats on her boots
Together they're gonna boogaloo down Broadway
And come back (home) with the loot
Because it's midnight in Manhattan
This is no time to get cute
It's a mad dogs' (madcap) promenade
Singing a New York City serenade

Oh well ain't Jackie pretty, ain't she sweet
Her fate lies at midnight between her teeth
She got a dirty big (old) daddy who through all the years (tears)
(whose fist pump like gears)
Has supplied her with hope and kept her in fear
Well now he's a lone privateer working down on the docks
He was born in 1943 and almost died of the shock
Now he comes home and drags her to some deep side joint
Where all night long those (the eternal) punks they rock
Until she breaks down and falls, soft (so helpless) like a child
Cryin' "New York City, you're so wild"
And in the night air you hear cryin'

Oh now the girls say anything, those girls say (cry) anything
He was born on the border of that Kansas line
When he broke into town the weather vane was hot, ninety degrees
(it was the summer in '63)
He swore he'd bust (break) that monster to his knees
Now some folks said he was the master of the universe
Some people say he was the holder of the cosmic keys
Oh and his throat was choked with lightning
>From some childhood disease
And with a tommygun blast he got the people screamin'
Till he falls helpless (and he lies empty) in Times Square
Just like streets scum
Cryin' "New York City kills young"
Cryin' "New York City kills young"
And from a tenement window you hear cryin' (a baby cries)