Take #2, complete song

She's leaving, she's leaving
Everybody knows
She's leaving, she's leaving
And I feel like such a fool
She left me standin' here just two foot tall
I don't see how she could do it
In front of our friends and all
She had better things to do and bigger plans
I thought we could make it with just us two
But I guess we can't
'Cause she can't
And I'm only one man
But I love her

It's winter
Suddenly it's winter
And I'm feelin' so cold inside
It's different
It could've been so different
If only she didn't feel that need to lie
Did you really think I would not understand
If you said you had a thing to do
For a night or two
With another man
And how could you believe that I would not know
When you came up to say goodbye
Look me in the eye
You let it all show
Oh and baby yes you hurt me
Ooh you hurt me deep inside
Yes darlin' and you hurt me
'Cause I'm just a foolish boy with this foolish pride

I ask you, I ask you
Baby you think I'll be enough
And what you told me
And what you showed me
Ooh but now you want me to believe your lovin'
But don't you think you made that kind of tough
When you didn't even think that I was that strong
That you could really tell me
What was going on
The truth hurts girl
Yes I believe that but still
If the truth hurts honey
The lies, they kill me

Thanks to Paul E. Zimmerman for sending the lyrics