A Boeing 767 bound from Boston to Los Angeles. The plane was
carrying 56 passengers, two pilots and seven flight attendants.
It crashed into the other tower of the World Trade Center
shortly after 9 a.m. ET.

Total Victims: 65

 Avraham, Alona, 30, Ashdod, Israel, manufacturing engineer associate, Applied Materials, Confirmed dead
 Bailey, Garnet Edward (Ace), 54, Lynnfield, Mass., pro hockey scouting director, Los Angeles Kings, Confirmed dead
 Bavis, Mark Lawrence, 31, West Newton, Mass., pro hockey scout, Los Angeles Kings, Confirmed dead
 Berkeley, Graham Andrew, 37, Boston, Mass., director of e-commerce solutions, Compuware Corp., Confirmed dead
 Bolourchi, Touri, 69, Beverly Hills, Calif., retired nurse, , Reported dead
 Bothe, Klaus, 31, Linkenheim, Germany, director of development, BCT Technology AG (Germany), Confirmed dead
 Brandhorst, Daniel R., 41, Los Angeles, Calif., lawyer, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Confirmed dead
 Brandhorst, David Reed Gamboa, 3, Los Angeles, Calif., , , Confirmed dead
 Cahill, John Brett, 56, Wellesley, Mass., senior executive, Xerox Corp., Confirmed dead
 Carstanjen, Christoffer Mikael, 33, Turner Falls, Mass., computer research specialist, University of Massachusetts, Confirmed dead
 Corcoran, John (Jay) J. II, 43, Norwell, Mass., merchant marine, , Confirmed dead
 de Barrera, Ana Gloria Pocasangre, 49, San Salvador, El Salvador, exporter, , Confirmed dead
 DeAraujo, Dorothy Alma, 80, Long Beach, Calif., artist, , Confirmed dead
 Fangman, Robert, 33, Claymont, Del., flight attendant, United Airlines, Reported dead
 Frost, Lisa, 22, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., sales and marketing associate, , Confirmed dead
 Gamboa, Ronald, 33, Los Angeles, Calif., store manager, The Gap, Confirmed dead
 Goodchild, Lynn Catherine, 25, Attleboro, Mass., administrator, Putnam Investments, Confirmed dead
 Goodrich, Peter Morgan, 33, Sudbury, Mass., product manager, MKS Inc., Confirmed dead
 Gowell, Douglas A., 52, Methuen, Mass., director of new market development, Avid Technologies, Confirmed dead
 Grogan, The Rev. Francis E., 76, Bridgeport, Conn., priest, Holy Cross Church, Confirmed dead
 Hammond, Carl Max Jr, 37, Derry, N.H., researcher, MIT Research, Confirmed dead
 Hanson, Christine Lee, 2, Groton, Mass., , , Confirmed dead
 Hanson, Peter, 32, Groton, Mass., vice president for sales, TimeTrade, Confirmed dead
 Hardacre, Gerald F., 61, Carlsbad, Calif., retired environmental engineer, , Confirmed dead
 Hartono, Eric Samadikan, 20, Boston, Mass., student, , Reported dead
 Hayden, James E., 47, Westford, Mass., chief financial officer, Netegrity Inc., Confirmed dead
 Homer, Herbert W., 48, Milford, Mass., corporate executive, Raytheon Co., Confirmed dead
 Horrocks, Michael R., 38, Glen Mills, Pa., first officer, United Airlines, Confirmed dead
 Jalbert, Robert Adrien, 61, Swampscott, Mass., salesman, Rogers Foam, Confirmed dead
 Jarret, Amy N., 28, North Smithfield, R.I., flight attendant, United Airlines, Confirmed dead
 Kershaw, Ralph Francis, 52, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass., marine surveyor, , Confirmed dead
 Kim-Hanson, Sue Jue, 35, Groton, Mass., post doctoral candidate, Boston University, Confirmed dead
 Kimmig, Heinrich, 43, Willstaett, Germany, chairman, BCT Technology AG (Germany), Confirmed dead
 King, Amy R., 29, Stafford Springs, Conn., flight attendant, United Airlines, Confirmed dead
 Kinney, Brian, 29, Lowell, Mass., auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Reported dead
 LaBorie, Kathryn L., 44, Providence, R.I., flight attendant, United Airlines, Confirmed dead
 LeBlanc, Robert George, 70, Lee, N.H., professor emeritus of geography, University of New Hampshire, Confirmed dead
 Lopez, Maclovio Jr, 41, Los Angeles, Calif., construction worker, Spiniello Co., Confirmed dead
 MacFarlane, Marianne, 34, Revere, Mass., customer service representative, United Airlines, Reported dead
 Marchand, Alfred Gilles Padre Joseph, 44, Alamogordo, N.M., flight attendant, United Airlines, Confirmed dead
 Mariani, Louis Neil, 59, Derry, N.H., retired, , Confirmed dead
 McCourt, Juliana Valentine, 4, New London, Conn., , , Reported dead
 McCourt, Ruth Magdaline, 45, New London, Conn., founder, Clifford Classique, Confirmed dead
 Menzel, Wolfgang Peter, 59, Wilhelmshaven, Germany, director of human resources, BCT Technology AG (Germany), Confirmed dead
 Nassaney, Shawn M., 25, Pawtucket, R.I., sales manager, American Power Conversion, Confirmed dead
 Pappalardo, Marie, 53, Paramount, Calif., comptroller, ALA Foods, Confirmed dead
 Quigley, Patrick J. V, 40, Wellesley, Mass., partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Confirmed dead
 Rimmele, Frederick Charles II, 32, Marblehead, Mass., physician, Family Practice Residence at Beverly and Hunt Hospitals in Beverly, Mass., Confirmed dead
 Roux, James M., 43, Portland, Maine, lawyer, , Reported dead
 Sanchez, Jesus, 45, Hudson, Mass., off-duty flight attendant, United Airlines, Reported dead
 Saracini, Victor J., 51, Yardley, Pa., captain, United Airlines, Confirmed dead
 Shearer, Mary Kathleen, 61, Dover, N.H., retired doll store owner, , Confirmed dead
 Shearer, Robert Michael, 63, Dover, N.H., retired engineer, , Confirmed dead
 Simpkin, Jane Louise, 36, Wayland, Mass., music royalties enforcement agent, American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, Confirmed dead
 Sweeney, Brian D., 38, Barnstable, Mass., business consultant, Brandes Associates, Confirmed dead
 Tarrou, Michael C., 38, Stafford Springs, Conn., flight attendant, United Airlines, Confirmed dead
 Titus, Alicia Nicole, 28, San Francisco, Calif., flight attendant, United Airlines, Confirmed dead
 Ward, Timothy Ray, 38, San Diego, Calif., information technology project manager, Rubio's Restaurants, Confirmed dead
 Weems, William M., 46, Marblehead, Mass., commercial producer, , Confirmed dead