Original U.K. EP's 1963-1967
The original 12 U.K. EP's, one D-EP and the Bonus EP from the CD EP Collection
(Apple [Parlophone] CD BEP 14, November 1992 [5" CDs])

Twist And Shout
JPEG 480 x 480 (35k): ep01.jpg
EP Sleeve
(CDGEP 8882, July 1963)
Twist And Shout
A Taste Of Honey
Do You Want To Know A Secret
There's A Place

The Beatles' Hits
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EP Sleeve
(CDGEP 8880, September 1963)
From Me To You
Thank You Girl
Please Please Me
Love Me Do

The Beatles (No. 1)
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EP Sleeve
(CDGEP 8883, November 1963)
I Saw Her Standing There
Anna (Go To Him)

All My Loving
JPEG 480 x 480 (28k): ep04.jpg
EP Sleeve
(CDGEP 8891, February 1964)
All My Loving
Ask Me Why
Money (That's What I Want)
P.S. I Love You

Long Tall Sally
JPEG 480 x 480 (29k): ep05.jpg
EP Sleeve
(CDGEP 8913, June 1964)
Long Tall Sally
I Call Your Name
Slow Down

Extracts From The Film A Hard Day's Night
JPEG 480 x 480 (44k): ep06.jpg
EP Sleeve
(CDGEP 8920, November 1964)
I Should Have Known Better
If I Fell
Tell Me Why
And I Love Her

Extracts From The Album A Hard Day's Night
JPEG 480 x 480 (43k): ep07.jpg
EP Sleeve
(CDGEP 8924, November 1964)
Any Time At All
I'll Cry Instead
Things We Said Today
When I Get Home

Beatles For Sale
JPEG 480 x 480 (32k): ep08.jpg
EP Sleeve
(CDGEP 8931, April 1965)
No Reply
I'm A Looser
Rock And Roll Music
Eight Days A Week

Beatles For Sale (No. 2)
JPEG 480 x 480 (31k): ep09.jpg
EP Sleeve
(CDGEP 8938, June 1965)
I'll Follow The Sun
Baby's In Black
Words Of Love
I Don't Want To Spoil The Party

The Beatles' Million Sellers
JPEG 480 x 480 (36k): ep10.jpg
EP Sleeve
(CDGEP 8946, December 1965)
She Loves You
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Can't Buy Me Love
I Feel Fine

JPEG 480 x 480 (27k): ep11.jpg
EP Sleeve
(CDGEP 8948, March 1966)
Act Naturally
You Like Me Too Much
It's Only Love

Nowhere Man
JPEG 480 x 480 (35k): ep12.jpg
EP Sleeve
(CDGEP 8952, July 1966)
Nowhere Man
Drive My Car
You Won't See Me

Magical Mystery Tour [D-EP]
JPEG 480 x 480 (47k): ep13.jpg
EP Sleeve
(CDMAG 1 [CDMMT 1 (Mono) / CDSMMT 1 (Stereo)], December 1967)
Magical Mystery Tour
Your Mother Should Know
I Am The Walrus
The Fool On The Hill
Blue Jay Way

The Beatles [Bonus EP]
JPEG 480 x 480 (40k): ep14.jpg
EP Sleeve
(CDSGE 1, December 1981)
The Inner Light
Baby You're A Rich Man
She's A Woman
This Boy


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